Blended Learning

Choose the Mix of Online and Onsite Learning That Works for Your Child  

K12 Blended Learning—a tuition-free program offered by Arizona Virtual Academy and Insight School of Arizona—combines the best of online learning with a structured classroom environment at six locations throughout Arizona.

With K12 Blended Learning, students in grades 4–12 receive instruction tailored to fit their unique learning needs. They can access K12’s engaging online curriculum and hands-on materials along with onsite instructional support and enrichment opportunities.

Your student will benefit from:

  • Online classes with face-to-face instruction from highly qualified, Arizona-certified teachers
  • Additional support in math from certified math teachers
  • Multiple ways to access content and demonstrate mastery
  • In-person collaboration with classmates and teachers
  • Participation in service learning and community service projects, student clubs, and more

Download the K12 Blended Learning Center School Handbook [PDF]


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