Letter from Our Head of School

Dear Parent,

As a virtual public charter school funded by state tax dollars, Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) is responding to your voice as a parent who holds the power and freedom to choose your child's education.

AZVA is a tuition-free public school that effectively uses the K12 curriculum under the direct guidance and supervision of Highly Qualified teachers. Our students receive a complete and comprehensive grade level curriculum, lesson planning, supplementary materials, and the use of a computer system, if needed.

AZVA has requirements for advancement, and provides an education that meets or exceeds state standards. Our students demonstrate their knowledge and skills through state standardized tests, work samples, weekly assessments, and school progress. While academic success drives our schools, student-to-student interaction is emphasized as well. Teachers organize school outings to museums, roller- and ice-skating parks, local zoos, and other interesting and enjoyable sites. These social events bring families together and create real connections within the community.

Importantly, we believe we must meet the needs of our diverse student populations through innovative uses of technology, effective teachers and instruction, and partnerships with our families and community. Furthermore, we will empower students to think critically, achieve academic success and personal growth. Our schools will remain devoted to making a quality public education accessible for all Arizona students - regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstances – and to provide online education alternatives that are as unique as the students we serve.

We hope to welcome you soon to the Arizona Virtual Academy community.

Best regards,

Kelly Van Sande
Head of School