Blended Learning Program: Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about K12 Blended Learning Centers, visit K12 Blended Learning Center FAQs.

What grades are available at Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) Blended Learning Centers?

The Kingman Blended Learning Center offers online instruction with additional supervised on-site instruction in grades 3—12. Friday Club Days are offered to all students in grades K—12.

Who is eligible to enroll in the program?

All Arizona students interested in enrolling and willing to make a commitment to participate in Blended learning opportunities at the learning centers are eligible. All current enrolled AZVA students are also eligible.

How do students participate in the program?

Students interested in participating in any of the onsite locations have the opportunity to sign up during the enrollment process. Contact Kathy Roddy (, Academic Administrator of Blended Learning, for further information.

Is space limited at each Blended Learning Center?

In order to serve as many students as possible, each blended learning center has unique availability during morning and afternoon sessions, Monday through Thursday, with supplemental activities available during Club Days on Friday for students in grades K—12.

Specific information regarding these sessions is available during the enrollment process, or contact Kathy Roddy ( for more information.

Will transportation be provided or coordinated for students?

Transportation is currently the responsibility of each student / family for their scheduled blended learning sessions.

Will students be issued a K12 computer for home use?

Computers are provided at the Blended program facilities. Qualifying Kingman students may be issued a computer to assist with the completion of online work from home. This determination will be made during the enrollment process.

What materials are students expected to bring for their blended learning sessions?

As part of enrollment in AZVA and participation in the Kingman Blended Learning Center all books, materials, and course supplies are provided.

Kingman students are expected to bring their books and materials with them each day as necessary for the planned coursework.

Who is responsible for monitoring and supporting students?

Students participating in the Kingman Learning Center program work with a site director who provides guidance and tutoring services. The model takes advantage of online instruction and online teacher resources.

Will teachers be in contact with site coordinators to discuss student progress and achievement?

Procedures have been established by each center to monitor individual student progress and achievement as needed.