Myths about Online Schools

MYTH: Students who attend online schools lack socialization and social skills.

FACT: Students at Arizona Virtual Academy will have the opportunity to participate in many academic and social activities throughout the school year.  Additionally, families are encouraged to join private facebook groups to create local outings for students in the area.  

MYTH: Your student will spend the entire school day on a computer.  

FACT: We expect that students will spend, in the early grades no more than 20 to 25 percent of their time on the computer and believe in a balanced approach toward education. Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. Computers also act as powerful teaching tools that can motivate, stimulate, and inform children about the world around them. They do not, however, replace a solid education. Rather, they help facilitate one. That's why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes a great deal of well-written and design textbooks, workbooks, and hands-on instructional materials. At the Middle School and High-School level, students will spend nearly their entire school day using the robust online platform and materials.  

MYTH: Online schools don't meet the curriculum requirements for public schools.

FACT: Arizona Virtual Academy is an accredited public school in the state of Arizona. As public school students, your children will be expected to spend a certain amount of time each day engaged in schoolwork. They will also be required to take standardized tests mandated by the state of Arizona. The K12 curriculum was developed by experts to meet or exceed Arizona Academic Standards, and has proven to be among the top-scoring online school curriculum programs in the nation.