AZVA Meets AYP Goals

What is AYP?

AYP, or Adequate Yearly Progress, is a key measurement of a school's progress based on standards developed through 2001's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) education reform act. In Arizona, AYP is measured by Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) testing, along with the percentage of students who participate in these state standardized tests, and overall attendance.

How Does this Affect Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA)?

Under NCLB, schools who do not make AYP across multiple years could face a variety of actions, up to and including restructuring or closure.

We're proud of our school's performance. We firmly believe our continued success is a testament to the quality of our teaching staff, the strength of our school's culture and community, and the superior design and deliverability of the K12 curriculum. We look forward to continued success in the coming years, and hope that more families will continue to make AZVA the preferred method of education for Arizona's students.

What AZVA Parents Say

"We love AZVA. My children are doing exceptionally well and we love the fact that it is tuition free with an amazing curriculum. When one of our daughters became too sick to attend a brick-and-mortar school, I worried over being able to afford a good curriculum. We were blessed to discover families in our area who told us about this wonderful opportunity. Now both of my elementary and middle-school aged children attend AZVA. Thank you!" -- Celeste B., AZVA parent

"My son and I really love the K12 courses. As a parent of a special needs child it can be a struggle with public schools to get them educated, but with K12 courses it has gone wonderfully for us. I do believe that my son has greatly improved on the level of work he can do. Thank you so much K12 for helping to educate him." -- Kriste D., AZVA parent