Concurrent Enrollment

Earn College Credits in High School

Concurrent enrollment at AZVA gives students the advantage of preparing for college while working toward their high school diploma. Students can earn up to 12 tuition-free college credit hours per semester at one of our partner institutions.* One college semester course (three credit hours) equals one semester of a high school course (0.5 high school credits).

Contact AZVA Lead High School Counselor, Adrienne Meeker, to lean more!


  • Earn both high school and college credits at the same time.
  • By completing college credits in high school, students may be able to finish college earlier—saving time and money.
  • Concurrent enrollment courses are guaranteed transfer credits to any public Arizona state college.
  • Students will gain access to all Rio Salado college benefits including; advising, computer labs, counseling, library, testing center, and tutoring.
  • Online learning and in person college classes offered across the state

Partner Institutions

  • Rio Salado Community College

*Although AZVA covers tuition costs at a partner school, students are responsible for any other costs associated with courses at a partner school such as textbooks, materials, transportation costs, etc. Please contact the AZVA counselor for specific course requirements.